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Frequently asked questions

How long will I have access to the videos?

If you've purchased them outright - as long as you want! Your purchase  does not have an expiration date! If you are doing a subscription your access ends whenever your subscription does.

What is the difference between the QUICK ‘N’ DIRTY series and the other recordings?

The Quick ‘N’ Dirty series was filmed and edited by a professional studio. It is shorter and often more digestible than a typical zoom class (that runs ~1.5-2 hours.) Think of this as the edited Netflix version and the class recordings as the raw Behind the Scenes version. All Q’N’D series include the raw class recordings with the associated topic.

What are bundles?

If you’re interested in more than one class, or not sure where to start....head to some of our more popular bundles that people often like to watch together!

Are the videos captioned?

Yes! We are working to caption all videos in the back catalog, so if it currently isn’t captioned it will be soon!

Why can't I access the classes I purchased from my account

Check the email address you originally bought/registered the class under. Sometimes users will mistakenly create two accounts and the classes are only housed under one. You can contact us and we will happily migrate all of them under the one account only.

How do I cancel a membership

Users need to cancel their subscription from their account page, and then the subscription will be canceled at the end of the billing cycle. IF you'd like us to cancel it manually, let us know.


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