QUICK 'N' DIRTY: Playfighting -
Wrestling for Lovers

Looking for an excuse to get sweaty with your partner? You don't have to be Dom, sub, kinky, or experienced for this beginner level class.

  • Lola Jean
  • 5 Part Series + Zoom Recordings
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Led By LT and Lola Jean

Fan of the rough and tumble? Inspired by those Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling? As adults, we won't often get permission to roughhouse as we once did in our youths. Wrestling or Playfighting is a way of taking this fun sport to a safe and sexy place.

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Our students love us

Me and my partner are super excited of being able to introduce some techniques and especially some extra safety to our until now very instinctive fighting sessions! 

What to expect:

    • Do I have to participate?
  • Nope! Feel free to play along with us or watch and learn to plan on taking your knowledge with you in the future.
    • What should I wear?
  • We recommend gym or activewear attire. Form fitting is encouraged.

This playful fetish translates well into the bedroom. No WWE moves here. In this class you will learn basic Jui Jitsu inspired maneuvers to properly control and contain your partner. We put an erotic twist on physical techniques for Foreplay and Coitus. Switch roles and take turns "fighting" for top. With the assistance of trained MMA professionals you will learn takedowns, holds, and strategies to overpower your partner.

Whether you are smaller, bigger, or the same size as your person - we will help show you the best ways to utilize your bodily realities to your advantage
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